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  1. Pareto-optimal clustering with the primal deterministic information bottleneck
    Tan, Andrew K, Tegmark, Max,  and Chuang, Isaac L
    Entropy 2022
  2. Biological error correction codes generate fault-tolerant neural networks
    Zlokapa, Alexander,  Tan, Andrew K, Martyn, John M, Tegmark, Max,  and Chuang, Isaac L
    arXiv preprint arXiv:2202.12887 2022


  1. Grand unification of quantum algorithms
    Martyn, John M, Rossi, Zane M,  Tan, Andrew K,  and Chuang, Isaac L
    PRX Quantum 2021


  1. AI Feynman 2.0: Pareto-optimal symbolic regression exploiting graph modularity
    Udrescu, Silviu-Marian,  Tan, Andrew K, Feng, Jiahai, Neto, Orisvaldo, Wu, Tailin,  and Tegmark, Max
    Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 2020