Andrew K. Tan

PhD Candidate in Physics at MIT



I’m currently working towards my doctorate in physics at MIT.

Feel free to reach out if you’d like to chat!

selected publications

  1. Perturbative model of noisy quantum signal processing
    Tan, Andrew K, Liu, Yuan, Tran, Minh C,  and Chuang, Isaac L
    Physical Review A 2023
  2. Error correction of quantum algorithms: Arbitrarily Accurate Recovery Of Noisy Quantum Signal Processing
    Tan, Andrew K, Liu, Yuan, Tran, Minh C,  and Chuang, Isaac L
    Submitted to npj Quantum Information 2023
  3. Pareto-optimal clustering with the primal deterministic information bottleneck
    Tan, Andrew K, Tegmark, Max,  and Chuang, Isaac L
    Entropy 2022
  4. Biological error correction codes generate fault-tolerant neural networks
    Zlokapa, Alexander,  Tan, Andrew K, Martyn, John M, Tegmark, Max,  and Chuang, Isaac L
    arXiv preprint arXiv:2202.12887 2022
  5. Grand unification of quantum algorithms
    Martyn, John M, Rossi, Zane M,  Tan, Andrew K,  and Chuang, Isaac L
    PRX Quantum 2021
  6. AI Feynman 2.0: Pareto-optimal symbolic regression exploiting graph modularity
    Udrescu, Silviu-Marian,  Tan, Andrew K, Feng, Jiahai, Neto, Orisvaldo, Wu, Tailin,  and Tegmark, Max
    Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 2020